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The German auto giant Volkswagen presented an updated version of its iconic Golf hatchback in a hybrid version. The new Golf eHybrid has undergone major improvements that place it at the forefront of competitors in the hybrid car segment, reports

The main innovation was the almost doubling of the battery capacity – to 19.7 kWh. This made it possible to significantly increase the electric range: if the previous modification could travel about 60 km without starting the internal combustion engine, then for the updated Golf eHybrid this figure reaches an impressive 120 km. At the same time, the total range of the car with a full tank of gasoline is an impressive figure of 1000 km. In addition to the increased range, the new product has the ability to quickly recharge at stations with a power of up to 50 kW.

The Volkswagen Golf eHybrid thus sets new standards in the hybrid class, combining environmental friendliness with impressive efficiency. The long range combined with advanced electric drive capabilities make this hatchback an ideal choice for those who are not yet ready to fully switch to electric vehicles, but appreciate their advantages. (photo: Volkswagen)

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