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Tuning studio Hennessey Performance from the USA, which is famous for its powerful cars based on models of American brands, took part in the FAT Ice Race with its Venom F5 hypercar. Together with many other unique and expensive cars, the American automaker held demonstration races on a snow-ice track, delighting spectators with spectacular aerobatics in a very unusual environment for a powerful sports model.

Created by Hennessey Special Vehicles, the Venom F5 hypercar is equipped with a 1,842-horsepower 6.6-liter V8 Fury turbo engine, which potentially allows the car to accelerate to more than 480 kilometers per hour.

Hennessey will try to break the world speed record for production cars

Naturally, this is possible only in ideal conditions, but no one was chasing the speed record on ice. In the Rocky Mountains, on the ice track of the FAT Ice Race festival, which was hosted by the ski resort in Aspen in 2024, the car took part in demonstration races.

From the video you can understand how difficult it is even for an experienced pilot to control a powerful car, designed for smooth and dry asphalt, on snow and ice in front of the assembled spectators and other participants in the event.

Wild Tuned Hennessey Performance Cars

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