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A Russian car dealer has started accepting orders for the premium SUV Infiniti QX80 2024. This luxury new generation car, first presented in March of this year, will be brought to our country under the parallel import scheme. You can order the car for 14.2 million rubles, which is now a normal price for a car of this class in the Russian Federation.

The Infiniti QX80 is priced at 14 million 170 thousand rubles. This price positions it as a competitive car in the luxury SUV segment. For reference, this car is an alternative to such cars as the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS, so the prices are appropriate (photo: Infiniti).

The dealer offers the QX80 in the Autograph version, which is equipped with a reliable 3.5-liter gasoline “engine” with a capacity of 450 “horses”. The car has a full-fledged all-wheel drive, which provides excellent cross-country ability. This power plant ensures smooth operation in various driving conditions. It is also worth noting that the new generation of the SUV largely repeats the style of the QX Monography concept model, and therefore looks very attractive.

Inside, the QX80 offers a luxurious three-row seating arrangement, with a heated third row available for the first time. This feature adds a new level of comfort, especially in cold climates. The instrument panel features a pair of 14.3-inch touchscreen displays that provide intuitive access to numerous vehicle functions. Additionally, a new head-up display enhances the driving experience by projecting important information onto the windshield.

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