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A survey was conducted in Russia, based on which it turned out that a third of the country’s residents are ready to purchase Chinese-made cars. The data was published by TASS based on information received from Sberstrakhovaya and Rambler&Co.

The survey was conducted among eighty thousand Internet users. Moreover, most of them own cars of other brands, this is an impressive 70 percent. When compared with people who already own cars made in China, their number is only 11 percent of all respondents.

More than half of the users noted that they have friends who own Chinese cars. Among the most attractive characteristics of these machines were the large assortment, as well as the ratio of cost and quality. At the same time, some respondents doubt the quality of assembly of some vehicle components, for example, suspension and engine. And among the disadvantages, 14% of respondents identified the lack of a sufficient number of spare parts.

Earlier it was reported that Maxim Sokolov called for raising the size of the recycling fee. Thus, he believes that Chinese manufacturers will not be able to occupy the niche that currently belongs to the domestic manufacturer.

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