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The robot, characterized by its ability to hold two gears engaged at the same time, ensures smooth shifting, increasing driving dynamics and efficiency. However, like any complex system, it requires careful handling. Experts told how to extend the life of such a checkpoint.

Regular oil changes are mandatory, especially for vehicles subject to heavy use. Experts recommend updating the gearbox oil every sixty thousand kilometers. Additionally, it is important not to overlook the importance of servicing the mechatronics control unit – a task best left to qualified mechanics.

When stopping or changing modes, be sure to fully depress the brake pedal. Insufficient pressure can cause the transmission to remain in a ready-to-start state, leading to premature wear of the clutch discs and transmission components. In traffic jams, it is better to turn on manual mode, and it is better to avoid towing and off-road driving with such a gearbox.

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