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A “six” appeared on the free classifieds website, which has traveled only 63 kilometers since 1993. The seller wants to earn two million rubles for a virtually new car that has not undergone pre-sale preparation. The price of the Lada Vesta NG is comparable at dealers, and for the indicated amount you can get the top version of the Techno with a CVT and a 1.8-liter engine.

Video: one of the earliest copies of the VAZ-2106 was found

There are few photographs of the “time capsule”, and the description is scanty. We can conclude that a late VAZ-21063 with a 64-horsepower VAZ-21011 engine has been preserved in Neftyugansk. Such versions were produced until 1994, and the sedan from the north was released in 1993. There are no simplifications of the cars of the early 1990s: there is a chrome radiator grille, moldings, and edging for the lamps.

The body is painted dark red, the interior is black, so the assembly is typical for the “sixes”. There are no revelations in terms of technology either: a minimum of options, even the right mirror and rear headrests are missing. The condition of the VAZ-21063 can be judged by the paper lining on the trunk lid, the absence of license plates, lockers, mudguards and wipers – the car has not even undergone pre-sale preparation.

A VAZ-2106 without mileage was found in Belarus at the price of a new Skoda Kodiaq

Two million rubles for a VAZ-2106 is not the highest price. They tried to sell sedans from the early batches of the Soviet model at twice the price, and for a comparable amount until recently it was possible to buy late Soviet examples with minimal mileage. However, the total circulation of the “sixes” is more than 4.3 million copies, and the collector’s value is in question.

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