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Information about the 120 model in almost authentic condition has appeared on the free classifieds website. We are talking about a rear-engine sedan that is unique for our roads. The car was imported to the USSR from Germany in the late 1980s, the first owner lived in Lipetsk. The current seller from Moscow is the second owner, who purchased the Skoda in 2020 and spent money on repairs.

The announcement says that the Skoda 120 has undergone repairs of all components, assemblies and mechanisms, and has also been completely repainted. After the restoration, the sedan was not driven in the winter. Now there are no complaints about the equipment; before the sale, maintenance was done with the replacement of technical fluids and filters, and a new battery was installed.

The seller lists among the shortcomings a broken windshield and different tires on all wheels. Judging by the photographs, the discs on the right side and the seat adjustment mechanisms are rusty. But the seat upholstery is in excellent condition, although the interior could use some dry cleaning. The odometer actually shows a little more than 24 thousand kilometers.

A special feature of the Skoda 120 is its rear engine. A carburetor four-cylinder petrol engine with a working volume of 1174 cubic centimeters is installed in the trunk. Traction is transmitted to the rear axle through a 4-speed manual transmission. Power is low: only 54 horsepower. There are a minimum of options: only front seats with headrests can be noted.

They want to get 350 thousand rubles for a Youngtimer with an unusual save. In Russia, advertisements for the sale of rear-engine Skoda 105/120/125 are one-off, so there is no de facto market. But in the countries of Eastern Europe, Czechoslovak “state employees” are by no means uncommon, because the line of models has been produced for almost 15 years.

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