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The portal visited MB Rus Manufacturing and found at least fifty Li Auto cars opposite one of the workshops. The assembly of the L9 at the former Mercedes-Benz plant is not officially confirmed: a representative of MB Rus said that the site is used as a warehouse. However, believes: the Li Auto batch is too small to satisfy the needs of dealers and the point is different.

There is no inside information about the assembly production of LiXiang L9 at the plant in the Moscow region, but sources say that they planned to assemble not only Exeed at the site, but also cars of a brand not previously represented in Russia. Formally, Li Auto fits the definition. In addition, premium crossovers have sufficient margins that SKD assembly is economically feasible.

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In Russia, Li Auto cars have become very successful: at the end of the first quarter of 2024, eight thousand crossovers were registered, which allowed them to enter the top 10 brands of our market. And this is without official representation! However, after the legislation was tightened, Li Xiang’s hybrids cannot be imported under the parallel import scheme, so the updated cars have become significantly more expensive for Russians.

So far, Li Auto cars are officially sold only in China, but expansion abroad is being prepared: plans to enter the Gulf countries have been confirmed, in addition, hybrid crossovers are being certified in Kazakhstan. It is expected that the showroom in Astana will open this year.

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