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Now in many regions the air temperature rises to +40 degrees, so every driver should know how to use the car air conditioner correctly not only to ensure comfort in the cabin, but also for the safety of their own health. Thus, a doctor in an interview with the portal gave recommendations that will help ensure optimal cooling without causing excessive stress on the body.

The expert advises to gradually cool the car interior. Instead of turning the air conditioner on full blast right away, open the windows for a short time to let out the hot air and circulate fresh air. Initially, set the air conditioner to a moderate temperature, about 5-10 degrees Celsius below the current outside temperature. As the body adjusts to the cooler environment, gradually reduce the temperature to achieve the desired level of comfort. This prevents sudden changes in temperature, which can lead to hypothermia.

To avoid rapid cooling and discomfort, it is important to distribute the air flow evenly throughout the car. Directing the air conditioning vents away from your feet and face helps prevent localized cooling. It is important to ensure that the air flow is distributed evenly throughout the car. This balanced distribution maintains a comfortable temperature without causing sudden changes that could affect your health.

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