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Five abandoned Jaguars were found in the underground garage of a hotel in Yekaterinburg. Pictures of this small collection were posted on the Yandex Taxi Driver 66 telegram channel. The author of the photographs says that these cars have been parked in the parking lot of a luxury hotel for several years. Over time, the cars have become covered with a thick layer of dust and now look abandoned.

The collection includes two XJ sedans, two S-Types and a Jaguar XKR coupe. All were produced in the mid-2000s. The owner remains unknown.

Some local journalists speculate that these vehicles could have been purchased for the Shanghai summit. Others believe the vehicles were used at events surrounding the hotel’s opening.

According to experts, the value of this small collection of abandoned Jaguar cars could range from 5.5 to 12.5 million rubles.

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