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Lando Norris, a British driver for the McLaren F1 Team, has established himself as a connoisseur of unusual cars. The owner of the exclusive McLaren 765LT Spider from the court tuning studio McLaren Special Operations decided to sell his “beach” convertible Fiat 500 Jolly Evocation at the end of 2023, demonstrating his taste for bright, extraordinary cars, and in 2024 he became the owner of a restomod Land Rover Defender 90 with a very surprising equipment.

The project was implemented by the British company Retro Automotive from Yorkshire, which specializes in building custom cars and produces only 15 cars annually. The original Defender 90 underwent a comprehensive restoration that took 1,000 hours. The client wanted his SUV to be completely roofless, so there was no roof or glazing other than a windshield.

The Dutch showed a very dark Land Rover Defender convertible

The car received extended fenders and modern LED optics, and the body was painted in exclusive Nardo Gray with black metal inserts and black 18-inch alloy wheels shod with BF Goodrich tires. The interior is upholstered in Muirhead Egyptian Blue leather with quilted trim on the seats and rear benches. The latter have been expanded to accommodate more passengers, with space between them for a picnic set and a portable Ooni pizza oven.

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The SUV received a Pioneer head unit with Apple CarPlay in combination with a removable Marshall Kilburn II speaker. The name of the owner of the restomod is printed using a 3D printer on metal plates. Technically, the Land Rover Defender has also been modernized – adjustable air suspension and reinforced brakes have appeared. Under the hood is a 3.9-liter V8 engine mated to a manual transmission and transfer case from Hobsons Industries.

How the iconic Land Rover Defender SUV is being remade

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