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As Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports with reference to data from the Pango Cars system, it includes the cars that were most often purchased in June 2024. In the segment of used cars costing from half a million to 1 million rubles, the leaders are Kia, Lada and Hyundai, namely three models – Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio and Lada Vesta.

Experts note that in the first month of summer, Russians most often bought sedans, while from January to May inclusive, preference was given to crossovers and SUVs. In June, the following situation developed: sedans accounted for 36 percent of sales, and SUVs – 33 percent. Five-door hatchbacks still remain in third place in popularity (21 percent).

Pango Cars predicts a decline in the used car dealer segment, namely large players, against the backdrop of the Central Bank’s key rate increase – this may happen as early as the end of this month. “Many dealers have suspended transactions on the free market, where the margin is much lower than in the trade-in format,” the study says. “In the short term, preference may be given to buying new cars with good discounts.”

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As for other price segments on the secondary market, almost a quarter (23 percent) of purchased cars cost 1-1.5 million rubles, 17 percent – up to 500 thousand rubles and 15 percent – 1.5-2 million rubles. And only 11 percent of the overall sales structure were cars with a price above two million.

Pango Cars also provides statistics on the mileage of cars sold on the secondary market. Almost a quarter (24 percent) of cars sold have a mileage of 100 to 150 thousand kilometers. At the same time, every fifth (21 percent) buyer chose a car with a mileage of 50 to 100 thousand kilometers, and another 19 percent purchased a car with a mileage of 150 to 200 thousand kilometers. The least popular were cars with a mileage of 200 to 250 thousand (12 percent) and more than 250 thousand kilometers (10 percent).

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