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Rossiyskaya Gazeta, citing Alexander Nosko, director of service for the automotive marketplace Fresh, reports that in 2024, three models will be the most profitable in terms of service: the Haval F7, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro and Geely Coolray. So, the first three technical services for F7 will cost 33.5 thousand rubles, for Tiggo 7 Pro the owner will have to pay 40 thousand, and for Coolray – 45 thousand rubles.

According to the expert, the bulk of maintenance costs are spare parts and consumables, which have risen in price by an average of 17 percent over the past year. Despite this, parts for these Chinese cars still remain the most affordable when compared with the cost of spare parts for other models and brands, especially European, Japanese and Korean. In addition, some dealers are introducing special offers that allow you to save on maintenance.

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Earlier it became known which Russian cities have the most expensive car servicing. The highest average cost of service among cities with a population of over a million is in Moscow and Krasnodar (approximately 11.2 thousand and 10.3 thousand rubles, respectively). In third place in terms of cost of service was St. Petersburg, where the average bill is just over 10 thousand rubles.

According to a recent study, almost 40 percent of Russians spend 10-30 thousand a year on car repairs, another third pay 30-50 thousand rubles for maintenance, and only four percent of drivers have to pay more than 110 thousand every year.

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