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For those who like to travel in campers, a full-fledged motorhome based on the UAZ Patriot was created. The creator of such an interesting version of the car, which was named “Navigator” 2024, was the company “Avtokemper Prom” from the Moscow region, writes The new camper received an appearance in the spirit of real SUVs with massive wheels and “evil” tires.

The camper also has additional lighting equipment and impressive wheel arches. It is noted that only Russian components were used in the development of the camper. The car has outstanding dimensions: 5.4/2.1/3.1 meters. In the Navigator base, it is estimated at 5.34 million rubles, and in the top – almost 5.8 million. By now, a large number of applications have been left for the camper. Despite the fact that caravanning, which implies autonomous travel, is not very common in the Russian Federation, there is a demand for such equipment (photo:, Vyacheslav Krylov).

The assembly of such campers stretched until November due to a large influx of customers. The motorhome is equipped with a shower, a cooktop, a toilet, a refrigerator, two heaters, and an air conditioner. In addition to the standard set of equipment for such machines, there are 4 solar panels, a 15-inch TV, a microwave, a washing machine, and a coffee maker.

This is quite enough to travel autonomously for at least a few days. The engine is inherited from the Patriot – a 150-horsepower ZMZ with a volume of 2.7 liters, which is combined with a 5-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive.

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