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Autoreview magazine found out the South East (Fujian) Motor Co.’s plans for the Russian market: Jetur Motor Rus will become the distributor, and for the first time slightly restyled Jetour models will be sold under the Soueast brand. According to the publication, the official Soueast website will be launched in July, marketing activity will begin in August, the Russian premiere of the brand is scheduled for September, and the first model will arrive at dealers in October – the large crossover Soueast S09.

And now more about Soueast and what Jetour has to do with it. Soueast has existed in China since the mid-1990s, and at first the company sold licensed copies of Mitsubishi models. Moreover, Mitsubishi Motors itself entered the Chinese joint venture only in 2006, and left it in 2021. Soueast’s new partner is Chery, under whose umbrella, we recall, is Jetour. Two years ago, Soueast Jetour Automobile was organized – Jetour assumed obligations to sell Soueast cars through its dealer network. Chery Group later acquired 80 percent of the share capital of Soueast Automobile.

Soueast cars have not yet been officially sold in Russia, but you can already see them on the roads. For example, since last year, the DX8S crossover (aka Jetour X70) began to be brought to us through “gray” routes and sold for 2-2.6 million rubles. In the spring of 2024, information appeared that Soueast models will begin to be officially delivered, but they will be sold under the Jetour brand – in particular, they were talking about the compact crossover Soueast DX50 (Jetour X50), which can compete with the Geely Coolray and Chery Tiggo 4 Pro.

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Now information has appeared about the launch of Soueast with its own model range. “Autoreview” mentions the large crossover S09, which is a redesigned Jetour X90 Plus. The new product will be offered in Russia with turbo engines of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, which develop 197 and 200 horsepower, respectively. The S90 will have front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and the transmission will be a seven-speed robot with two clutches or an eight-speed automatic. Sales will start in October.

Later, in November, the “junior” Soueast S07 crossover – also known as the Jetour X70 with a 197-horsepower 1.6 turbo engine and all-wheel drive – will also reach Russia. Finally, at the beginning of 2025, the Soueast S06 will be delivered, namely the redesigned Jetour Dashing, with which the Russians are already familiar.

Other Soueast models are also mentioned, which are included in the company’s plans for the Russian market, but without specific dates. These include two sedans E05 (B-class) and E05 (C-class), a compact SUV S05 and a mid-size crossover S08.

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