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Reviewers of the YouTube channel “Retrorembaza – RRB Garage” showed in the video an Izhevsk sedan, which was laid up back in the USSR. The owner of the “four hundred and twelve” bought a car to invest money in the turbulent year of 1991; the Izh was driven from the factory to Moscow, registered, and then mothballed. The Moskvich’s odometer showed only 1,343 kilometers.

Izh-2125 “Combi” – one of the most underrated cars of the USSR

The full name of the find is Izh-412-IE-028, the sedan has all the signs of later cars, although this Moskvich was released before the collapse of the USSR, that is, there were seven whole years left before the end of production. Excellent preservation is the merit of a proper dry garage and partial conservation. The owner removed the battery and used up almost all the gasoline.

Video screenshot, “Retrorepair base – RRB Garage” Video screenshot, “Retrorepair base – RRB Garage” Video screenshot, “Retrorepair base – RRB Garage” Video screenshot, “Retrorepair base – RRB Garage” Video screenshot, “Retrorepair base – RRB Garage”

The first and only owner managed to register the Moskvich, but the number was attached to the car only three decades later. The same goes for rear-view mirrors and wipers: the car drove from Izhevsk to Moscow without these elements! After washing and dry cleaning, the body, glass and interior look like new: there is no damage or traces of time.

Video screenshot, “Retrorepair base – RRB Garage”

However, restoration was not complete: elements of the attachments, radiator grille and wheels were repainted. The reason is the disgusting quality of paint at the factory: in 1991 they saved on this. Also, surface corrosion remained on the exhaust system. I had to disassemble and flush the engine and cooling system, deal with the clutch and brakes.

A miraculously preserved Izh-Orbit hatchback is being sold in Ufa

The “capsule” car quickly went into a private collection, because finding a completely complete new “Moskvich” from the times of the USSR is not easy. The bloggers did not name the price, and the market for authentic cars without mileage is very specific.

Modest “time capsules”

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