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The unusual model is an ultra-compact speedster, devoid of a roof, doors and windshield. The car, which is built on the basis of the Smart City Cabrio, went into production with a circulation of only two thousand copies. The cost of an unusual compact car at the American dealer Vantage Auto is comparable to the price of a new BMW 5 Series in the basic configuration – $58,500, or 5.4 million rubles.

The Smart Crossblade is based on the production Fortwo roadster. The unusual speedster is distinguished by the almost complete absence of a windshield and roof, which were replaced by a small visor and a roll cage. In addition, the car has no doors. With this configuration, the machine can only be used in warm, dry weather.

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The Crossblade is powered by a 600 cubic centimeter engine, the output of which was increased by Brabus engineers to 70 horsepower. The exotic car accelerates to “hundreds” in 17 seconds.

Since production, this Smart Crossblade has traveled 14,500 kilometers. Despite the low mileage, a compact car requires investment. The paintwork began to peel off, and rust appeared on the bottom. At the same time, the rarity of the car allowed the dealer to put it up for sale at the price of a new BMW 5 Series.

In May last year, the Smart Fortwo, stylized as a Lamborghini Gallardo, was put up for sale. For an unusual microcar they asked about 1.2 million rubles.

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