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Almost every major truck manufacturer has an engineering department dedicated to creating exclusive equipment to perform extremely complex tasks.

Kenworth is also among them. The automaker has produced and continues to produce unique trucks designed for special operations. Such models include the mighty Kenworth 993.

It combines the cab of the K100 cabover truck with the chassis of the 953.

The standard Kenworth 953 was introduced in 1958. It was built to order and was widely used for hauling large loads in desert areas such as Saudi Arabia. Mainly for the oil industry.

Several dozen units of the 953 model trucks were produced, and its successor, the C500, continues to be produced to this day.

Despite the 953’s versatility, a European transport company needed a truck with the same characteristics, but with a cabover. Thus, the Kenworth 993 was born – a small-scale model, released in 1982 in only two copies.

It was powered by a 700 horsepower Cummins V-12 diesel engine, which was typically used in marine or industrial applications.

Due to its enormous size, the engine was placed behind the cabin.

The radiator, also gigantic, was mounted nearby, and the space under the cabin where the original engine would have been located became an air duct for the radiator.

The axles and transmission are from Clark, and the tires, which are about 1.5 meters high, were taken from quarry dump trucks.

The company that bought the truck from Spain used it to build a nuclear power plant, where a heavy reactor had to be transported. Subsequently, the 993 was used to transport various types of special cargo, such as mining equipment.

In 2011, the truck was put up for sale in the Netherlands. At that time, the company Van Vliet announced it, and the asking price was 250 thousand euros.

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