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The authors of the project used the image of Professor Zundapp as a prototype. For an unusual home-made car, a seller from the UK plans to earn from 8,500 to 10,500 pounds sterling (approximately from 960,000 to 1,180,000 rubles) at the current exchange rate. According to the owner, he spent more than six thousand pounds sterling (about 650,000 rubles) on numerous upgrades to the one-of-a-kind car.

During the tuning process, the Toyota iQ was equipped with a new set of body panels, vintage front optics, a bumper with an imitation grin, and eyes with a monocle on the windshield, which are the hallmark of Professor Zundapp. In addition, the car was painted in a dark green shade, and stills from the cartoon were placed on the side windows.

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Despite numerous external improvements, the interior of the three-door has not undergone any significant changes. At the same time, the owner claims that the car was equipped with a custom dashboard and a powerful audio system. The “villainous” car is driven by a liter three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 68 horsepower.

During the bidding for a tuned Toyota iQ with a mileage of about 187,000 kilometers, they plan to earn up to 10,500 pounds sterling, or 1,180,000 rubles.

In 2022, Thai tuners stylized the old Toyota Celica as Lightning McQueen from the cartoon Cars. Engineers prepared two cartoon cars at once.

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