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A new stage has begun in the 15-year history of the St. Petersburg automobile plant, which was built by Nissan. After the departure of the Japanese automaker in 2022, the site went into downtime; it was restarted in 2023, and “East Asian partners” helped with this. And since 2024, cars of the new Russian brand Xcite have been assembled here using the large-knot method. The first crossover to hit the production line was the Xcite X-Cross 7.

Xcite X-Cross 7 is already on sale: since the end of May, the new Russian-assembled product can be purchased from Lada dealers at a price of 2,499,000 rubles. This is a 4.5-meter crossover with 190 mm ground clearance, which is assembled at the St. Petersburg plant using the large-knot method – the partner supplies bodies, engines and other components from China. Currently, 13 cars per hour roll off the assembly line, but in the near future it is planned to increase the rate to 22 units per hour. Additionally, anti-corrosion treatment is done at the factory.

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While the plant is not operating at full capacity, for example, the welding and painting shops are not involved in the process. At the same time, the enterprise is designed to produce 100 thousand cars per year and can potentially produce C-, D- and E-class models, as well as SUVs. The staff numbers 1.2 thousand people, but not all of them are directly involved in the assembly. The area of ​​the automobile plant is 220 square meters, including an open warehouse for four thousand cars.

Returning to the X-Cross 7 crossover, it is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine that develops 147 horsepower and works in conjunction with a CVT. Front-wheel drive. Already in the fall, Avtozavod St. Petersburg plans to launch a second model, and it will be all-wheel drive. And this will also be a crossover from the same Chinese partner that supplies car kits for the X-Cross 7.

Xcite Xcite Xcite Xcite

The Xcite X-Cross 7 comes with a warranty of three years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. It is logical to assume that similar conditions will apply to the second model of the brand.

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