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In Balashikha near Moscow they are ready to part with the two-door RX-5 Cosmo. We are talking about a car produced in 1977 with a rotary piston engine, rich equipment and left-hand drive. The seller claims that the coupe is completely original, and no significant flaws are mentioned. The price does not look overpriced: 1,550,000 rubles, which is comparable to the base Lada Vesta NG.

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The description of the Mazda RX-5 Cosmo is meager, and the stated mileage of 51 thousand kilometers is doubtful: back in the USA, the coupe drove 112 thousand miles (180 thousand kilometers), and then the two-door was imported to Russia. But photographs of the body and interior confirm the authenticity: no non-original parts or dubious tuning were noticed.

Under the hood is a 1.3-liter carburetor rotary piston engine (115 horsepower, 166 Nm), which is combined with a 5-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. By RPD standards, the power unit is massive, but for Russia it is still a novelty. But everything else is trivial: there is a continuous axle at the rear, worm-wheel steering with hydraulic booster.

The interior is rich: natural wood, blue velor, vinyl inserts, frameless doors, electric windows, electric mirrors and air conditioning. For 1977, there were a lot of options, because in the USA the Japanese were just about to conquer the market. It didn’t turn out very well: the Mazda RX-5 Cosmo did not become a bestseller overseas.

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There is no market for rare rotary Mazdas in Russia, so there is nothing to compare with. But in absolute terms, 1.55 million rubles does not look like an exorbitant sum for a spectacular and rare car with a sporty accent, because the Lada Vesta NG in its simplest configuration costs 1.514 million rubles.

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