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BMW M chief designer Michael Scully hinted at an imminent presentation on his personal account. A camouflaged “emka” with the inscription 06.26.2024 confirms: the seventh generation M5 will be declassified in ten days. It is expected that the top version will receive a rechargeable hybrid powertrain based on the 4.4-liter V8 from the BMW XM crossover, and the curb weight will increase by half a ton to 2,435 kilograms.

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Thanks to Michael Sculley’s posts, nothing new can be said about the appearance of the BMW M5, because the first photo without camouflage appeared a year ago, and the official sketch made it possible to evaluate the nose part without camouflage. According to preliminary data, the hybrid sedan will develop over 700 horsepower.

BMW/Michael Scully

The new BMW M5 will be able to drive without activating the internal combustion engine: according to unofficial data, the power reserve will be up to 112 kilometers. Probably, the “fives” of the G60 series will not have an M550i version, so the V8 engine will remain only in the flagship. But buyers will be able to choose the body type: in addition to the usual sedan, a station wagon will return to the M5 range.

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Earlier this year, BMW M updated the M2 coupe, M3 sedans and station wagons, M4 coupes and convertibles, and an upgraded X3 M50 crossover is on the way. In addition, a “very special surprise” is being prepared for August 15: perhaps the M5 Touring station wagon will be shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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