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You may still remember the Alpine Alpenglow concept car, which was born back in 2022. Now a real Alpine Alpenglow Hy4 racing car has been built on its basis, and not an ordinary one, but a hydrogen one!

The general design of the original concept was retained, but the creation of a real-life vehicle required many internal changes: development of the body structure and aerodynamics, development of deformable elements and power structure, suspension layout, etc. However, the most important change was the introduction of an internal combustion engine powered by hydrogen.

Yes, yes, that’s right. Typically, hydrogen cars use energy cells where a chemical reaction occurs and electricity is produced for the traction electric motor. However, there is another concept: building an internal combustion engine where a water-air mixture is burned – this is exactly the option chosen for the Alpine Alpenglow Hy4.

Alpine Alpenglow Hy4 is powered by a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine that can rev up to 7,000 rpm and produce 340 horsepower. According to calculations, this should be enough to achieve a maximum speed of 270 km/h.

The exhaust of a hydrogen engine is much cleaner than that of a gasoline or diesel engine: there are fewer carbon dioxide emissions, no soot emissions, and NOx emissions can be controlled by various aftertreatment systems. In addition, the hydrogen engine is less noisy and vibration-intensive.

The Alpine Alpenglow Hy4 concept car was first demonstrated at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, and is expected to appear on the track at the legendary Le Mans race. We are talking only about demonstration races, but it is possible that in the future a similar car will take the start of famous competitions.

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