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The former joint Russian-Italian plant Iveco-AMT changed its owner and name, but maintained its course for development. According to the company “AMT N.V.” (formerly Iveco-AMT), in 2024 it plans to increase the production of trucks by more than double – to 1,700 units. This is a quarter higher than the indicators of even a very successful year for the plant in 2013.

Let us recall that last year the Italians from Iveco said goodbye to Russian business by selling their share in the joint venture to a local partner. After the rebranding, the new management set a course for expanding the model range and localizing production. Together with the Chinese JAC Motors and other suppliers of auto components “AMT N.V.” has developed a line of commercial trucks weighing from 12 to 90 tons with various wheel arrangements: 4×2, 4×4, 6×6 and others. Already in 2023, production of a new family of 6×6 all-wheel drive vehicles started in Miass.

Whether the once regional automobile plant will be able to become one of the leaders of the domestic truck industry is a question for the future. However, the attitude of the management of AMT N.V. gives hope. In the context of a sharp decline in the market, ambitious plans to expand production can be an excellent opportunity to conquer new niches. (photo:

Two automobile plants located in St. Petersburg also provide hope for a bright future. True, it will not be trucks that will be produced there, but passenger cars. More details about this in our article.

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