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Сarscoops spoke about the experience of using such a device by the Findlay Cadillac dealer in Las Vegas, who was one of the first to install it. The scanner developed by UVEye is needed for initial diagnostics: within a minute, the service worker receives a full report on the technical condition of the car, indicating possible defects. The UVeye YouTube channel demonstrates how the super scanner works.

The whole process takes no more than a minute. The car drives under a special frame with built-in cameras – they photograph the car from all sides, including the bottom, after which the pictures are loaded into a computer and processed using artificial intelligence. AI is capable of identifying various defects in the exterior, tire wear or punctures, as well as problems with any other external components. The processing takes half a minute, and the mechanic receives a full report on the condition of the vehicle.

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Using a super scanner, you can detect fuel leaks, and it will be faster than lifting the car on a lift. The publication calls the device UVEye with “MRI for cars,” and the Findlay Cadillac dealership notes that the scanner sometimes finds defects that their technicians could not figure out.

“UVeye can revolutionize and standardize the way damage and mechanical problems are detected in the automotive industry,” journalists quote the developer of the automotive scanner. The company said that the device has already been installed in 300 service centers across the country. UVeye’s website states that it also has offices in Germany, Israel and the UK.

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