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As found out, this is not a simple UAZ, but one converted into a mobile home! Moreover, we are talking about historical equipment imported to Italy over forty years ago and converted by the Schieppati company into a camper for off-road adventures. It is also interesting that the gluttonous gasoline engine was replaced with an Italian-made diesel engine. The Italian owner wants 8900 euros for his rare UAZ.

According to the owner, the 1980 car has been in Italy since the very beginning. During this time, it has covered only 60 thousand kilometers and has changed only two owners. The original Italian booklets, instructions, all payment documents and old-style numbers (from which it is clear that the car is registered in Trieste) have been preserved along with the all-wheel drive.

Upon arrival in Italy, the “loaf” was converted into an off-road camper: the van was equipped with a high roof, folding sofas, cabinets, and a dining table. Inside, there is a stove with a sink, a refrigerator, a shower, and a toilet. The cabin is designed for five berths. From the photographs, it is clear that the kitchen block has suffered from time and needs repair.

Luca Manzoni Luca Manzoni Luca Manzoni

On the outside there is a sliding awning and tubular grates for transporting luggage boxes and fuel canisters.

The front compartment has comfortable seats with velour upholstery, headrests and longitudinal adjustment; a leather three-spoke steering wheel is mounted; the floor is covered with carpet. Let us recall that the factory seats were adjusted with a wrench.

The standard 2.5 petrol engine from the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant in Italy was immediately replaced with a Sofim 8144.65 diesel engine, which was done by the local UAZ importer, Martorelli. The naturally aspirated swirl-chamber diesel engine produced 65 horsepower. Such engines were installed in the Saviem SG2 and Iveco Daily light trucks, Fiat Campagnola SUVs and Fiat 131 and 132 passenger cars.

Luca Manzoni Luca Manzoni Luca Manzoni Luca Manzoni Luca Manzoni

In recent years, the car was stored outside on a concrete platform – so the bodywork has suffered from rust on the outside, but the owner promises that the floors and frame are in good condition. The current owner wants 8900 euros (850 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) for the rare UAZ, or is ready to exchange it for a camper based on a rear-engine Volkswagen T2 minibus.

Photo of the Schieppati Safari off-road camper from the Martorelli brochure

Apparently, this camper was built by the Italian company Schieppati. Several such vehicles were ordered by the Martorelli brothers for expeditions in North Africa. We also know that the Grand Erg workshop also built “houses on wheels” on the chassis of Ulyanovsk SUVs. The circulations were extremely modest: we are talking about individual quantities.

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