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A Reddit user shared a photo of the pickup’s instrument panel showing 878,987 miles (1.41 million kilometers) and a dealer inspection sticker at 878,400 miles. The driver confirmed that the Toyota Tundra retained the original 5.7-liter V8, but had to change the transmission at half a million miles (805 thousand kilometers).

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The user claims that he had his Toyota Tundra serviced regularly at a local dealer, and in addition to the transmission, the wheel bearings had to be replaced. Otherwise, the matter was limited to routine maintenance: no additional costs were required. The truck appears to have been purchased in April 2018, meaning it took 73 months to reach 879K miles.


It’s not hard to calculate that the monthly and daily mileage is insane: I had to go to the dealer in a couple of weeks, because the pickup covered 644 kilometers every day! Obviously, we are talking about highway runs, but even in this case, more than 188 thousand liters of gasoline have been burned since 2018. Probably the record holder was the base rear-wheel drive Toyota Tundra.

The owner of a Tesla Model S drove two million kilometers in an electric car, changing 13 engines.

Why did the owner of a pickup truck need to brag about his mileage on social networks? The reason may be simple: Toyota monitors viral posts and often gives record holders new cars for advertising purposes. The Tundra will likely have to hit a million miles to make another beautiful story, but with daily mileage like this, it will take less than a year.

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