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The car in the patent images that appeared in the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property looks very strange: it resembles a VAZ-2104, made in the futuristic design of a Tesla Cybertruck. As the Avtopotok telegram channel clarifies, the author of the patents is an entrepreneur from Kursk. The application was submitted last fall, but it was registered only at the end of January.

No details about the car are given, except that it is an electric station wagon. The exterior with chopped edges refers to the American Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck that recently went on sale. Apparently, the wheel rims were also copied from it – they were just supplemented with blue elements. The same blue stripe is present on the sills, and orange lines can be seen on the sides of the front and rear. The headlights and taillights are pixelated, with an N (or I) and V pattern.

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It is unknown whether such a model is planned to be released and who will assemble it. There is no information or technical specifications.

Meanwhile, in Russia you can already place an order for a Tesla Cybertruck: on classifieds, various sellers offer to bring an electric pickup truck from abroad for 12-17 million rubles. The Moscow Tesla Club has the highest prices, but you don’t have to wait for a car – the company has the 845-horsepower all-wheel drive Cybertruck 2023 in stock in Moscow.

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