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There are a lot of strange things you can find on the Chinese marketplace Alibaba, like this popemobile that looks more like Cinderella’s (or even the Pope’s) carriage with a gilded cross stuck into the roof. The description qualifies this strange vehicle as a “vehicle for transporting corpses to a cemetery.”

In fact, it is an electrified carriage with a galvanized tube structure and a completely transparent interior. The driver of the electric hearse sits on a seat with a “high-precision sponge,” whatever that means, covered with “high-quality leather.”

This entire structure, weighing about 500 kg, is installed on special wheels, and it is driven by a 2.7 hp brushless electric motor.

The maximum speed is stated at 80-100 km/h, but this is obviously not true. If you still manage to accelerate to such a speed, you can brake with a hydraulic hand or foot brake.

This amazing electric car costs from 2980 to 8950 dollars (from 285 to 855 thousand rubles). This range in value is likely determined by the level of glamor and accoutrements, but this is not certain.

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