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The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading a law that excludes MTPL from the list of mandatory documents for registering a car with the traffic police. TASS reports this.

The project introduces innovations to the law “On state registration of vehicles in the Russian Federation.” The head of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Development of Transport Infrastructure, Evgeny Moskvichev, proposed excluding the MTPL policy from the list of documents required for registering a car.

The new law will apply to both state registration and re-registration of a car due to a change of owner. In addition, it will allow you to immediately deregister cars upon sale, and not 10 days after the application. The state registration of a vehicle will also be terminated at the request of the owner of the car in relation to a stolen or stolen car that is on the wanted list.

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At the same time, the law introduces a new basis for refusal to register foreign cars – failure to pay the recycling fee on time.

In November, the bill passed the first reading, and a week ago the State Duma adopted it in the second, main reading. Insurers noted that the law was being adopted too early: the presence of an MTPL policy will now be checked only on the roads – that is, only by inspectors, since cameras are not yet able to catch uninsured drivers.

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