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A bill was introduced to the State Duma that would supplement the Code of Administrative Offenses with a new article that would imply punishment for dangerous driving. It has already been supported by the government, one of the authors of the project, deputy Yaroslav Nilov from the LDPR, said in his Telegram channel. The punishment for reckless drivers provided for by the bill is a fine of three to five thousand rubles and deprivation of rights for a period of one to three months.

The explanatory note to the bill notes that dangerous driving is the cause of up to 80 percent of all accidents. As conceived by the authors, the draft will supplement Chapter 12 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses with a new article number 12.38 with administrative liability for “violation of traffic rules resulting in dangerous driving.”

According to it, drivers who publish videos of reckless drivers and boorish behavior towards other road users on social networks will also be punished.
The fine for dangerous driving will range from three to five thousand rubles. If a motorist is caught violating the law again, he will be deprived of his driver’s license for a period of one to three months.

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The term “dangerous driving” itself appeared in 2016. However, there is still no punishment for such drivers due to the difficulties of definition.

In 2024, the average fine for violating traffic rules in Russia increased to 733 rubles. The largest check in Moscow is 909 rubles, although last year it was 740. And in Ulyanovsk, Kazan and Kostroma, the average fine does not exceed 400 rubles.

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