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The Australian Automobile Association, funded by the Australian government, shared the results of the fuel economy test. 13 models from eight automakers took part in the tests, and only six had fuel consumption as stated, taking into account a permissible error of five percent. The worst results are the BMW X3, MG 3 and Audi Q5: they are 17-20 percent more voracious!

Experts compared real fuel consumption in the combined cycle with that declared by the automaker. During testing, the cars were driven at different speeds on urban and rural roads, as well as highways. Tests were carried out in accordance with EU legislation to minimize the influence of driving style and other human factors.

The leader of the anti-rating is the BMW X3. The 2021 model year crossover consumes 8.9 liters of fuel, which is 20% more than stated by the automaker. There is a big discrepancy between the Audi Q5 (17%) and MG 3 (19%), and both times the fuel consumption is higher than expected. But the Kia Carnival turned out to be 7% more economical, which surprised experts. The hybrid Toyota Yaris Cross (+12%), Volvo XC40 (+9%) and Kia Sportage (+5%) also did not fall within the error limits.

At the same time, experts from the Australian Automobile Federation checked the compliance of real and declared emissions. Excessive levels of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust were detected in Kia Carnival, Hyundai Staria and Kia Sportage. And the MG 3 failed the carbon dioxide test: the excess was 85 percent!

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