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In March 2024, Audi launched a powerful electric crossover based on the platform of the latest generation electric Porsche Macan – the Q6 e-tron model. In the near future, the car will receive a replenishment in the form of two new modifications. One of them will be a coupe-shaped version of the model with the traditional name Q6 e-tron Sportback, and the second will be the flagship RS version of the model, which will be the most powerful, dynamic and most aggressive version of the electric crossover.

Insiders say Audi has already confirmed working on these variants. The RS Q6 e-tron will feature the same aggressive styling as other models from Audi Sport. This means a thoroughly redesigned front end with a new grille, larger air intakes, a new splitter and even flared wheel arches.

Technically, the RS model will be unified with the new Porsche Macan electric crossover in the Turbo version, which implies an electric power plant with 630 horsepower and 1128 Newton meters, and a fully controlled chassis and an electronically controlled differential should appear, not to mention other improvements to the chassis.

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