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A batch of images of the updated Audi Q5 crossover has been presented on the Internet

The 2025 Audi Q5 crossover is currently undergoing the final stages of testing in preparation for its grand debut later this year. The latest spy shots of the prototype show the car hidden under camouflage film. However, some design details can already be seen.

Current Audi Q5

The most striking change appears in its “nose” section, with an emphasis on a wider radiator grille. It has a distinctive chain pattern that makes it stand out and adds a fresh aesthetic element. Even compared to the recently updated Q8, the holes in this Q5 element appear larger.

The headlights have undergone a noticeable update: they have acquired an elongated shape, which makes the profile thinner and more aggressive. This impressive change improves the overall aesthetics of the front end, signaling a departure from the previous design language. There is no information about technical characteristics yet (photo: Audi;

In addition, an auction was recently organized where an old Aston Martin DB6 will be sold. This copy has some modifications.

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