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Changes to the parallel import rules will soon come into force and experts are reporting their personal forecasts regarding the upcoming changes. Andrey Troy, in a conversation with Paragraph, told how much the cost of cars will change.

The expert believes that, despite the fact that part of the costs has already been included in imported cars, their prices will increase by at least 10%. At the same time, he emphasized that it is unlikely that Russians will buy less cars. There will be no fewer customers for dealers of Chinese manufacturers.

According to other experts, stocks of cars that were imported before April 1 will quickly run out. At the same time, their prices will change significantly. They cite the example of the Zeekr X car. A top-end model with a valid electronic vehicle passport can now be purchased at a price of 3.8-4 million rubles. When the new rules come into force, its cost will be much more expensive – in the range of 4.6-5 million rubles.

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