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This opinion was expressed by the vice-president of the National Automobile Union (NAU) Anton Shaparin. According to the expert, such technologies already exist. In addition, modern road cameras easily detect speed limit violators. In this regard, the specialist stated that the new initiative will be useful to the authorities exclusively for PR.

Shaparin stated that technologies for forced speed limitation have existed for a long time. In the case of car sharing, such systems only need to be linked to certain streets and speed limits. At the same time, the expert noted that this initiative is practically useless, since car sharing operators can independently regulate the speed of their cars. In addition, road cameras automatically detect even the slightest excess of speed.

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The specialist, in turn, proposed developing a system that would allow assessing a person’s behavior behind the wheel. According to Shaparin, such technology would be much more relevant than speed limits, since it would reduce road accidents by determining the driving style of car sharing users.

The fact that Moscow car sharing users may be forced to limit their speed became known the day before. At that time, specialists reported that rental cars were going to be equipped with special devices.

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