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The state company that manages toll roads studied the prices for travel on the new Vostok highway and considered them economically feasible for users. This was reported by Izvestia with reference to representatives of Avtodor. In February, President Vladimir Putin [поручил]( to further analyze the cost of travel on the new road “taking into account its demand.”

Avtodor noted that using a toll road for a family of three is more profitable than using the free M-7 Volga and other alternatives. In the end, truck drivers can also save money by reducing costs for fuels and lubricants, payments in the Platon system and insurance, as well as reducing travel time.

“The use of toll roads and M-12, in particular, helps improve logistics efficiency by increasing cargo turnover and increasing the number of possible trips made by one vehicle,” Avtodor said.

The company noted that the price of travel from Moscow to Kazan for a passenger car is 4,481 rubles, and taking into account the discount under the loyalty program – 3,809 rubles. According to the table on the website of United Operator LLC, travel from Moscow to Innopolis will cost 4,481 rubles, and the price to Kazan will cost 4,935 rubles.

Traffic on the M-12 Vostok from Moscow to Kazan was opened in December last year. It was reported that thanks to the new 810-kilometer-long route, travel time from Moscow to the capital of Tatarstan will be reduced by almost half – to 6.5 hours. In 2024, they want to extend the road to Yekaterinburg, next year to Tyumen, and in the future it could extend to Vladivostok.

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