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The Tolyatti portal Avtograd News claims that a pre-production car with the EnjoY Pro infotainment complex with support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Yandex Auto services has rolled off the assembly line. According to unofficial data, the new “multimedia” will become an option for the Lada Niva Travel, and the circuit with the 7-inch head unit will not change: the changes will affect the filling.

Currently, the Lada Niva Travel is equipped with an outdated media system based on Windows CE. Now the possibility of installing the EnjoY Pro complex from Vesta NG is being considered. Of course, the Niva does not have a portrait-oriented touchscreen, but the functionality can be expanded: graphics and performance will improve, modern online services based on Yandex and synchronization with Apple gadgets will appear.

The start date of mass production of the Lada Niva Travel with an advanced media system is unknown. A month ago, previously unseen options appeared on SUVs: cruise control, a speed limiter and an updated dashboard with a different on-board computer screen. Also in development are Niva cars with more powerful engines from front-wheel drive Lada models.

Another expected new product from Lada is the e-Niva electric SUV. The prototype of the battery-powered all-terrain vehicle is already ready, but the implementation of the electric vehicle project will depend on the market success and government support measures for Lada e-Largus.

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