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According to Interfax, the workers will work overtime on May 18 in 12-hour and 9-hour day shifts, respectively, and will receive compensation. It is noted that this is one of the steps to increase production volumes and prepare for the release of new models. In addition to the introduction of an additional working day, AvtoVAZ reported on the renovation of production facilities carried out during the May holidays.

The press service of AvtoVAZ said that during the corporate vacation period, which began on April 28 and lasted until May 12, a total of more than eight thousand different works were completed worth 330 million rubles. In particular, in order to produce 50 SUVs and crossovers of the Niva family per hour, the production processes of chassis, engines, forgings and aluminum casting were modernized.

AvtoVAZ spoke about the “frightening” drop in revenue due to the Chinese AvtoVAZ for the first time offered the Lada Vesta NG at a discount “for its own” AvtoVAZ updated the sales record, which stood for almost 12 years

On the assembly line of Vesta NG and its extended version Aura, cataphoretic primer was routinely replaced in the baths on the painting line. The painting and assembly lines of the most popular Lada model, Granta, have also been updated. Among other things, we moved the robots that apply glue to the windshield and rear windows, changed the elevation marks on the paint conveyor route, and modernized the final test stands. The company noted that at the beginning of 2025, production of the new Lada Iskra model will be launched on the same line of the conveyor.

In addition to all of the above, AvtoVAZ made up the groundwork for increasing the production program and manufacturing of spare parts.

And on May 15, serial production of the Lada Largus model was restarted – its assembly is now carried out at the facilities of the plant in Izhevsk. By the end of 2024, it is planned to produce 50 thousand passenger station wagons and commercial vans. Largus will go on sale in the coming weeks: a station wagon will cost from 1,660,000 rubles, and a van will cost from 1,670,000 rubles.

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