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The Tolyatti portal Avtograd News claims that five trial cars with two front airbags have rolled off the assembly line. Such Lada Niva Travels differ in the steering wheel from the Granta with a silver edging at the bottom and three spokes. Serial production of SUVs with airbags is in the auto giant’s immediate plans: by the end of the year, this important option should return to price lists.

Currently, the Lada Niva Travel is equipped with an old-style four-spoke steering wheel: it has a single horn button and no airbag. Before the sanctions, SUVs were equipped with a three-spoke steering wheel with a round central section and an airbag, but its return is not planned: Nivas have set a course for unification with front-wheel drive models.

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The exact dates for the resumption of sales of the Niva Travel with airbags are not announced, but important options should appear before the end of the year. Interestingly, the return of airbags to the Niva coincided with the rejection of side airbags on the AvtoVAZ flagship, the Lada Vesta. The prospects for the return of the side airbag to the Niva Legend have not yet been determined.

A month ago it became known that Lada Niva Travel is on the verge of a second global restyling. The SUV should have LED optics, a different radiator grille and an updated interior. What the exterior will look like was shown on the example of the e-Niva electric car prototype, but the modernized interior is still kept secret.

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