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In an effort to strengthen the position of the domestic automobile industry and support the authorities’ call to use Russian cars, AvtoVAZ declares its readiness to fully satisfy the needs of officials at all levels for cars of the Lada brand and its sub-brands.

The head of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, confidently states that the giant’s production capacity is quite enough to provide all government employees with Ladas. According to him, taking into account the launch of the assembly line in Izhevsk for the production of Lada Largus and the plant in St. Petersburg, production volumes will exceed 500 thousand cars this year. This will satisfy demand at both the federal and regional levels. A similar statement was made against the backdrop of growing sales of AvtoVAZ – almost 25 thousand Ladas were sold in February 2024, which is 34% more than January figures.

The call to transfer officials to domestic cars was made back in 2023 by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and President Vladimir Putin. The Ministry of Industry and Trade even compiled a recommended list of brands, including Lada, UAZ, Aurus and Moskvich. Thus, AvtoVAZ sees in this initiative an opportunity to strengthen the position of the Russian automobile industry and is ready to fully meet the needs of government agencies. (photo: Lada)

Meanwhile, Hyundai announced preparations for the production of an inexpensive pickup truck based on the Creta crossover. This is written in more detail in our article.

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