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The portal analyzed the Conclusion on confirmation of the production of industrial products on Lada Vesta dated 03/06/2024 and came to unexpected conclusions. It turned out that “import-substituted” cars lost points from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for localizing production in a number of important positions. Components for original Russian engines began to be supplied from abroad!

Firstly, points were not awarded for “piston processing” and “using Russian-made piston blanks” for the 8-valve VAZ-11182 engine. Secondly, there are no points for “using Russian-made ring blanks”, “ring processing”, “using Russian-made finger blanks” and “fingers processing” – this applies to 16-valve VAZ-21129 and VAZ-21179 engines.

It turned out why the Lada Vesta in Belarus is 20% cheaper than in Russia. We tell you everything that is known about the new Lada Iskra Iskra, e-Niva and other new Lada products at SPIEF

In an earlier conclusion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (November 2021), there were points for the localization of all of the above components, so we can conclude that now the most important engine components for front-wheel drive models are supplied from abroad. But Niva Legend and Niva Travel still use Russian-made ring blanks.

Despite the difficulties with import substitution, the Lada Vesta NG is gradually returning to the 2022 configuration. Prototypes of cars with the initially planned options have already been assembled: the ESP stabilization system, heated washer nozzles, heated rear sofa, blind spot monitoring assistant, as well as front parking sensors will return.

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