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The auto giant has announced another promotion, which includes the flagship Vesta NG, writes the Lada Online portal with reference to the AvtoVAZ order. According to him, they are going to update the software of the engine control system controller (ECSC) on the cars. The document says that the update will be carried out if the client contacts the dealership and the cars will not be recalled specifically for this.

When the Vesta owner visits the Lada dealership, specialists will check the version of the KSUD software and update it if necessary.

In addition, the pins in the controller connector will be rearranged. According to dealers, this may be due to improper battery charging. All work will be carried out free of charge for Lada owners.

AvtoVAZ switched Lada engines to imported pistons, rings and valves AvtoVAZ temporarily stopped production of the most advanced Lada Vesta Lada Niva can be bought in Russia cheaper than Lada Granta

Earlier this week another problem with the Wests came to light. Owners of cars with a Chinese variator were invited to car dealerships to check the oil level. If it turns out to be insufficient and metal shavings are found in the pan, you will have to change the transmission.

Over the past three years, Lada Vesta has almost doubled in price. At the beginning of 2021, AvtoVAZ’s flagship with a 106-horsepower engine cost about 765 thousand rubles, now it is 1.46 million.

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