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The Chinese concern shared photos and characteristics of the special version of Blade Hero Edition. This BAIC BJ40 is 3.5 centimeters higher than the original, features high-profile “mud” tires, reinforced running boards, no roof rails, a large number of towing eyes, three differential locks and an expanded range of driving modes.

The new generation BAIC BJ40 has been sold in China since last fall, and by the end of 2024 the SUV will arrive in Russia under the name BJ41. The main competitor of the model both in the domestic and our markets is the Tank 300. All-terrain vehicles have a lot in common: dimensions, general design with a frame and continuous rear axle, gasoline turbo engines and 8-speed automatic transmissions.

The special version of Blade Hero Edition will go on sale on March 21, but the new product is unlikely to be more expensive than 240 thousand yuan ($34 thousand). A fully equipped Tank 300 with a four-cylinder engine costs about the same. The approach/departure angles of the “off-road” BAIC BJ40 are respectively 38/36 degrees, that is, the geometric cross-country ability has improved by one degree.

So far, the BAIC BJ40 is available only with a 2.0 gasoline turbo engine (234 horsepower, 395 Nm), but according to unofficial data, a diesel engine and even an electric power plant with a gasoline generator not connected to wheels will soon be added to the range. Details about the Russian specification are not disclosed, but in our country diesel could become a competitive advantage.

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