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Chinese cars have made great strides in recent years, and although most of them have unique designs, some still resemble their Western counterparts. The BAW 212 is one such car.

The BAW 212 is an SUV produced by Beijing Automobile Works (BAW), which became an independent brand in 2020. This company has been producing the original BJ212 since the 1960s and recently introduced a second generation model. The new BAW 212 is reminiscent of the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender and will go on sale in the Chinese market in the second half of the year.

The basic model BAW 212 has a length of 4705 mm, a width of 1895 mm and a height of 1936 mm. It comes equipped with a set of all-terrain tires, large side mirrors, substantial door handles, side steps, mud flaps and a spare tire holder. The SUV also features round LED headlights, a simple grille with three large horizontal slats and a seeker headlight near the base of the hood on the driver’s side.

The flagship version of the BAW 212 Special Edition features a unique front bumper and a different grille. The SUV is equipped with a snorkel and painted wheel arches. The second generation BAW 212 weighs 2150 kg.

Despite many Chinese automakers concentrating on electric options, the BAW 212 is not an electric car. Instead, it’s powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 248 horsepower, mated to an 8-speed transmission and all-wheel drive.

Inside, you’ll find a large infotainment display and a digital instrument cluster. There are also buttons for engaging 4H, 2H and 4L modes, locking differentials and disabling the anti-roll bar.

Pricing details for the new BAW 212 have not yet been disclosed.

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