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Chinese equipment was spotted at the parade in honor of the Republic’s Independence Day, Quto writes. Thus, the parade was attended by Chinese Hongqi L5 convertibles from the FAW concern. The MAZ trucks with the Belgrade multiple rocket launcher system were followed by the Dongfeng Mengshi EQ2058 all-terrain vehicle, an analogue of the American Humvee. Three Great Wall King Kong Poer pickups with Geranium-2 kamikaze drones also took part in the parade.

Today, Belarusians have access to the Great Wall King Kong Poer with a two-liter diesel and gasoline engine with 150 or 190 horsepower. In both cases, the gearbox is a six-speed manual, all-wheel drive. The cost of the pickup without discounts starts at 110 thousand Belarusian rubles (2.97 million Russian). In Russia, the minimum price of the truck is 3.2 million rubles, and the maximum discount will reduce it to 2.9 million.

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In addition to King Kong, Great Wall sells the Poer pickup truck in Belarus, as well as the Haval line, familiar in Russia: Jolion, M6, F7 and F7x, Dargo and H9.

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Hongqi L5 is a representative convertible of FAW concern with a four-liter V8, initially intended for the party elite of the PRC. L5 is produced in China, but in Belarus Hongqi assembly is also established: the Unison plant produces the mid-size crossover HS5 using the large-unit method. The first “Hongqi” of Belarusian assembly were sold in March of this year.

Dongfeng Mengshi EQ2058 is a family of Chinese military SUVs produced for state needs by Dongfeng Motor Group. Also under the Mengshi sub-brand, they sell hybrid and electric super SUVs M-Hero 917, which are quite numerous on Russian classifieds. Price – from 10 million rubles.

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