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Rosstandart announced a service campaign that affects 473 crossovers sold in Russia from 2017 to 2022. The reason for the recall of cars equipped with W12 6.0 twin-turbocharged engines is possible overheating of electrical connectors in the fuel tank, which can lead to failure of the fuel system and complete immobilization of the car.

Under certain operating conditions, the fuel pump electrical connectors located in the Bentley Bentayga fuel tank may overheat. As a result, the operation of the fuel supply system will be disrupted. It may fail completely, causing the machine to suddenly stop.

Owners of 473 Bentayga units are invited to the service to check the serviceability of the fuel system. The fuel pumps on all recalled crossovers will be checked and, if necessary, the connectors will be replaced with new ones that are not susceptible to overheating. All work will be carried out free of charge.

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Owners will be notified of the recall. You can independently check whether the car is subject to recall by checking the list of VIN numbers on the Rosstandart website.

Previously, Bentley recalled cars in Russia back in 2022. In November, 174 Bentayga crossovers required inspection, but the problem did not pose a serious danger and concerned improper fixation of the second-row seats.

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