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As part of the factory personalization program for Bentley cars, the specialists of the Mulliner division have presented another limited edition of special models. This time, the Extraordinary Journeys Collection, which includes exclusive Bentley Bentayga crossovers, is inspired by Extraordinary Journeys, a series of curated journeys around the world that give participants access to the best of local cuisine, design and architecture.

The collection consists of five cars inspired by New Mexico, Scandinavia, China, New Zealand and the UK. In all cases, the “comfortable” version of the Bentayga Azure crossover was taken as a basis, which received a special body decor, window curtains and pillows with topographic embroidery, indicating the selected region.

Bentley introduced matte paint for its models

New Mexico represents ruggedness and reverence, a connection to the ancient world and a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This Bentayga comes in warm tan and tan colors – two-tone Amber paintwork over Burnt Oak and body-color wheels. Scandinavia fosters gratitude for natural beauty and concern for the environment. This car combines Portofino Blue with Dark Sapphire wheels with Mulliner White, Imperial Blue, Stratos Light Blue inserts and contrasting accents.

Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley

China represents serenity and relaxation by the forces of nature. This Bentayga comes with Arabica exterior paint, Pale Brodgar silver wheels and a linen leather interior with burnt oak accents, Odyssean tweed accents, Gold Green stone veneer and oak veneer on the center console. New Zealand speaks of awe and tranquility, as well as a spirit of adventure. The car is finished in White Sand with silver Pale Brodgar wheels, and the brown and gray interior features primary Portland leather and a secondary Burnt Oak shade, as well as dark green Highland Hare accents with contrasting bronze stitching and Jeera Green Stone veneer.

Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley

Embodying tradition and reflection, celebrating wilderness and true escapism, the British-inspired car features an Alpine Green satin paint job and Gray satin wheels, while the interior is dominated by British Racing Green, a nod to Bentley’s racing heritage. to the endurance and swashbuckling Bentley Boys that led to those hard-fought victories, as well as the Cumbrian Green, which is reminiscent of the Lake District.

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