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For the first time since the S2 Continental, the fourth-generation model can boast single headlights, and they have acquired “eyelashes” in the manner of the EXP 100 GT concept and the Mulliner Bacalar collectible roadster. So far, only the “charged” version of the Speed ​​has been declassified, replacing the powerful W12 6.0 engine with an Ultra Performance hybrid system with a twin-turbo eight.

The new Continental GT marked the direction of development of the design of production Bentleys, and in the Speed ​​version it became the most powerful road car of the brand in its entire history. And although the grand tourer is announced as the fourth generation, in fact it is a deep modernization of its predecessor, as evidenced by the share of new components of 68 percent. Changes have been made to the chassis, interior equipment and power plant, which in the Continental GT Speed ​​is now a hybrid, based on the twin-turbo V8 4.0.

Bentley Bentley

The engine is tuned to produce 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. During sharp accelerations from a standstill and in the mid-speed range, the electric motor integrated into the gearbox (190 hp, 450 Nm) comes to its aid. The total is 782 forces and 1000 Nm, while the previous Speed ​​with W12 6.0 had 659 forces and 900 Nm. A traction battery with a capacity of 25.9 kilowatt-hours is installed in the trunk compartment. This has improved the static weight distribution, with emphasis placed for the first time in favor of the rear axle (49:51).

Bentley Bentley

Acceleration to the first “hundred” for the hybrid takes 3.2 seconds instead of 3.5, although the “maximum speed” remains the same – 335 kilometers per hour (Continental GTC Speed ​​indicators: 3.4 seconds and 285 km/h). Dynamic characteristics are confirmed by the unofficial “underwater speed record”, which the grand tourer set in the longest underwater tunnel on the planet – Ryfylketunnelen in Norway. With a full tank, the car travels 859 kilometers, on electric power – up to 81. The Continental’s battery supports charging with a power of up to 11 kilowatts and is completely filled in about three hours. All this is combined with the latest generation of mechatronics, integrated into the Bentley Performance Active Chassis complex.

Bentley Bentley

This includes all-wheel drive, an electronically controlled differential, a traction vectoring system that dynamically distributes torque between the axles and wheels, an active roll suppression function and new stabilization system software. The Continental GT also features an updated air suspension with two-valve electronically controlled shock absorbers that allow separate adjustment of compression and rebound levels. Brakes – with steel or carbon-ceramic discs and 10-piston calipers on the front axle.

Bentley Bentley

Externally, the “fourth” Continental GT is easily identified by its single headlights, which were last used on production Bentleys in the late 50s. The optics here are, of course, matrix, with 120 LED modules in each block. The stern is crowned with retouched lanterns, the three-dimensional pattern of which should resemble volcanic lava. New decor options are offered for the interior: 3D stitching, fading perforations, patchwork embroidery and Dark Chrome trim. Options include Wellness chairs with micro-adjustment of body position and built-in thermoregulation system.


In addition, three audio systems are available for the model: basic, Bang & Olufsen and audiophile Naim. The climate control system has acquired a new particulate filter, ionizer and has learned to display the air quality index inside and outside. The operation of the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Intelligent Park Assist protocols has been improved. A new application, My Bentley App Studio, has been introduced, through which you can directly download music streaming programs, games, navigation applications, etc. to your media system. A function for predicting traffic light signals has been announced for the future, making it easier to get into the “green wave”.

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