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BMW is in the process of developing a new range of electric vehicles, currently known as the Neue Klasse. The lineup is set to expand to six models by 2027. The latest model has been spotted testing, and it looks nothing like any other BMW.

The sports coupe was captured testing in Europe by Carscoops spy photographers. And it’s the most radical Neue Klasse model we’ve seen to date.

The front end sits relatively low and looks fairly typical for a coupe. However, the side profile of this BMW is not quite conventional. The roof extends a little further than a traditional coupe, but sits higher and merges with an unusually tall tailgate.

The combination of design elements from the BMW i8 coupe and the X6 crossover leads to a rather unexpected result. The pronounced diffuser on the rear bumper also catches the eye.

Another intriguing aspect of the car’s design is the lack of door handles: instead, small touch panels are mounted on the central roof pillars.

It’s not just the design that sets this BMW apart from its current production siblings. This prototype appears to be powered by four wheel motors, as evidenced by the lack of traditional brake calipers.

Last year, BMW made a strategic investment in German firm DeepDrive to develop in-wheel hub motor technology, signaling the automaker’s commitment to the innovation. It’s unclear how powerful these motors are or whether they’ll be able to match a more traditional four-motor powertrain.

BMW’s plans for the model remain shrouded in mystery for now, but there is speculation that the car could potentially spawn a limited edition similar to the i8.

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